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University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Double major in art history and history.
Graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude with distinction in the major. 1972

Intermuseum Conservation Association, Oberlin, OH
Certificate in Conservation. 1977

Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
Master of Arts degree in conservation. 1977


National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.             1977 – Present
Senior Conservator of Paintings

Specific duties include all aspects of conservation and restoration of paintings with experience in paintings on fabric, panel and paper. Carries out major and minor treatments, examination of paintings, undertakes documentation of all phases of treatment. Skills include operating knowledge of photographic equipment, digital imaging and manipulation, ultraviolet, infrared and x-radiographic examination. Examines paintings for loan, monitors environment as required and examines paintings in special exhibitions as needed.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA                                                1972-1974
Senior Paper Conservator and Conservation Administrator

Carried out conservation and preservation of prints, drawings and manuscript collection.


Recipient of Employee Incentive Award 1981
Recipient of Robert H. Smith Fellowship 1994-1997
Recipient of 1998-1999 CASVA Paired Fellowship in Conservation and the History of Art. .
Recipient of Employee Incentive Award 2000
Recipient of Robert H. Smith Fellowship 2002
Recipient of Employee Incentive Award 2005
Recipient of Employee Award 2008
Invited conservator to survey the Thaw Collection of oil sketches at the Morgan Library, New York 2008
Recipient of Employee Award 2009
Invited Museum Scholar at the Getty Research Institute 2011
Recipient of Employee Award 2011
Invited Visiting Conservator Courtauld Institute of Art 2012
Recipient of SMRS incentive Award 2012
Recipient of SMRS incentive Award 2015
Invited conservator to survey oil sketch collection at Fondation Custodia, Paris 2015


American Institute for Conservation, Professional associate
International Institute of Conservation, Fellow
Washington Conservation Guild


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Forthcoming: “Picasso: Metamorphosis of Paintings in a Broader Context”. Musée Picasso, Paris, 2016.

Forthcoming: “The Issue of Finish in Degas’s Paintings”. Co-authored with Kimberly Jones. Facture, 2017.


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“After the Exhibition” Joint session with American Institute for Conservation at CAA. Los Angeles, CA. February, 1999.

Participant and speaker at Degas Symposium, New Orleans Museum of Art in
conjunction with the exhibition Degas in New Orleans. May, 1999.

Participant, speaker and co-organizer with Susan Galassi of symposium, Frick Collection, New York on Manet’s Dead Toreador and The Bullfight. June, 1999.

Prepared Website for National Gallery of Art with Elizabeth Walmsley on “The Technical
Examination of Manet’s Dead Toreador and The Bullfight”. 1999.
Participant in CASVA seminar of Samuel H. Kress/Ailsa Mellon Bruce Paired Fellowship
Presentations. March, 2000.
« Looking at Paintings: Picasso » with Bonnie Rimer. Art Institute of Chicago. October, 2000.
« Merging and Emerging Images: Layer and Metamorphosis in Picasso’s Art ». Presented at
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« Stephen Pichetto and Conservation in America: A Review of the Evidence”. Presented at
Conference on the History of Conservation. The British Museum, London. September, 2001.
Prepared website on Picasso’s Tragedy as a link to the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Picasso
research and for use at the National Gallery.
« The Alteration of Color Relationships in Vincent Van Gogh’s Paintings » Van Gogh/Gauguin
Symposium at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, March, 2002.
« Time Will Town Them Down Only Too Much » Sunday Lecture. National Gallery of Art, February, 2003.
« Looking Through the Layers: Impressionist Painting Techniques ». Gallery talks as part of « Anatomy of Art, » National Gallery of Art. February, 2003.
Organized and participated in Study Day on the materials and techniques of Edouard Vuillard in conjunction with Vuillard Retrospective. April, 2003.
« Metamorphosis and Clues: Picasso’s Hidden Paintings » Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain. October, 2004.
« Experience and Experimentation, Toulouse-Lautrec Materials and Techniques » Four gallery talks with Sally Shelburne. April-May, 2005.

Participant and speaker at Symposium at the Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA on « The Repeating Image ». August, 2005.

« Artistic Innovation in the Paintings of Edgar Degas: A Conversation Between the Art Historian and the Conservator ». Three gallery talks with Jason Vrooman. May, 2007.

« The Technique of Plein Air Painting » Four gallery talks at the National Gallery of Art with Sally Shelburne. March, 2008.

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« Distemper and Peinture à l’essence » AlC Workshop on Modern Drawing and Painting Media,
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« Pentimenti as objects trouvés ». A presentation in « Pentimenti Workshop » The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles. April, 2008.

« New Paint/New Surfaces: Nineteenth-century Matte Paints » Presented lecture at symposium
« Painting Techniques of the Impressionists and the Post Impressionists ». Wallraf-Richartz
Museum and Fondation Corboud, Cologne Germany. June, 2008.

« Manipulating Paint: The Shorthand of Plein air Technique ». Presented at symposium « Studying Nature: New Research on Oil Sketches ». Morgan Library and Museum. January, 2009.

« Van Gogh’s Self Portrait: A New Finding » with Barbara Berrie at EU-ARTECH Symposium on « Vincent Van Gogh and His Contemporaries » Amsterdam. May, 2009.

« Manet and the Process of Painting » CASVA Colloquy National Gallery of Art. May, 2009. Presented talks and prepared and proposed proceedings with CASVA staff and Kimberly Jones.

« A Collector’s Interest in the Process of Painting: The Chester Dale Collection » Sunday lecture National Gallery of Art. January, 2010.

“The Chester Dale Collection: Seen from the Conservator’s Perspective”. Two lectures presented to the National Gallery of Art, Art Information Volunteers. November, 2010.

Charles Chapuis and 19th Century Restoration. Lecture presented at the Getty Research Institute, March, 2011.

“Picasso and Metamorphosis: Ripolin as objet trouvé. From Can to Canvas, Early uses of house paint by Picasso and his contemporaries in the first half of the 20th century”. Marseille and Antibes, France May 25-27, 2011. Also served as a member of the scientific committee organizing the symposium.

“Techniques of American Landscape Painting” presented at NGA Teacher Institute. July, 2011.

“Charles Chapuis and 19th Century Restoration”. Works in Progress presentation. November, 2011.

Three lectures presented at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London England, April, 2012.

Manet and the Process of Painting: The Old Musician” presented to NGA Teacher Institute. July, 2012.

“Edouard Manet and George Bellows” George Bellows Study Day, National Gallery of Art October, 2012.

“19th Century Ground Preparation: Understanding Paint Layers from the Ground Up”. Study day at the Université de Rouen, France. December, 2012.

“Dear Theo, Thank you for the Paints”. Lecture at the Norton Simon Collection, Pasadena CA. February, 2013.

Created Van Gogh Podcast for the Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA.

Presented talk on Manet the Old Musician at Manet Symposium, Royal Academy, London, March, 2013.

“Charles Chapuis: Degas’s “Picture Doctor” and the Restoration of Paintings in 19th Century France”. Presented at “Conservation in the Nineteenth Century.National Museet, Copenhagen, Denmark. May, 2013.

Participated in podcast on the New Installation of the French Paintings at the National Gallery of Art, 2012.

Created Podcast on Manet, The Railway for the National Gallery of Art, 2013.

Lost Color Lost Meaning? with Barbara Berrie at “Studio Practice Symposium” Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June, 2013.

Created Podcast and film on El Greco, Saint Martin and The Beggar for the National Gallery of
Art, 2013.

Speaker on Van Gogh Panel at the Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, October, 2013.

Speaker on Degas, The Fallen Jockey at Degas Study Day, Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek, Copenhagen, 2013.

Participant on Acoustaguide for the Degas/Cassatt exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, 2014.

“Manet, The Old Musician” presented at Manet Symposium at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, March, 2014.

Participated in CASVA Safra colloquy with Anna Ottani Cavino “Stepping outside the Artist’s Studio:Landscape and the Oil Sketch”, Washington DC May 2014

Degas/Cassatt, Lecture to the Cosmos Club, Washington, DC, June, 2014.

“Degas and Cassatt: A Relationship under the Microscope”, Presented with Kimberly Jones. NGA Works in Progress Lecture, September, 2014.

“Degas and Cassatt as Collaborators: A Look Through the Layers”. NGA Sunday Lecture, September, 2014.

Speaker at Neo Impressionism Study Day at Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, November, 2014.

Participant at Courbet Study Day, Beyeler Fondation, Basel Switzerland, January 2015.

Presented “Picasso’s Tragedy: Metamorphosis of the Painting in a Broader Context” at Museu Picasso, Barcelona, The Blue Period: New Interpretations by Means of Technical Studies. January 2015.

Presented “Picasso’s Metamorphosis of Paintings in a Broader Context” at the Musée Picasso, Paris. April, 2015.

Presented “Picasso’s Tragedy: Metamorphosis of the Painting in a Broader Context” at Winterthur/University of Delaware Conservation Program, April 15, 2015.

“Lost Color/ Lost Meaning? The Consequences of Color Change in Van Gogh’s Paintings”.
Metropolitan Museum, June 7, 2015.

Participated in Study Day at the Metropolitan Museum in conjunction with Van Gogh’s Flowers exhibition, June 8, 2015.

“Color Change and Meaning in the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh”. Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, September 13, 2015.

Participant in Study Day in conjunction with exhibition: Van Gogh and Nature at Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, September 14, 2015.

Presented at the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA. Interpreting the Clues: The Metamorphosis of Picasso’s Paintings. January 24, 2016.

Presented at the Art Institute Chicago, Chicago, IL. Does Color Change Alter the Meaning in the Paintings of Vincent Van Gogh? April 1, 2016

Presented at the Art Institute Chicago, Chicago, IL. Edouard Manet’s Old Musician: The Development of a Masterpiece. April 2, 2016


Assisted William Shank on preparation of exhibition « A Hidden Picasso » Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain, September-November, 2004.
Prepared library exhibition with Yuri Long on artists’ catalogues related to 19th century equipment for plain air painting. Spring 2008
Secured loans, prepared and presented exhibition of artists’ plein air equipment in conjunction with the exhibition « In the Forest of Fontainebleau ». Spring 2008

Proposal submitted and accepted for a focus exhibition « Manet and the Process of Painting: The Old Musician » at the NGA (TBD)

Collaborated with curator Kimberly Jones on Degas/Cassatt exhibition, May – October 2014

Worked with Yuri Long on exhibition of Robert Feller library exhibition, (2014-15)

Collaborating with Kimberly Jones on upcoming NGA Bazille Exhibition (2016-17)


Renoir, Bellows, Haseltine, Van Gogh, Manet, Morisot, Picasso, Rauchenberg, Stella, Seurat, Monet, Pissarro, Cezanne, Ricci, Klimt, Pannini, Rousseau, Vivarini, Cosimo Tura, Toulouse Lautrec, Vuillard, Corot, Cassatt, Ostade, Boucher, Durand, Hassam, Guardi, Degas, Steinlen, Eakins, Boucher, Lancret, Master of Frankfurt, Gaertner, Caillebotte, Sisley, Cassatt, El Greco, Bazille, Stuart, Porter etc.


Frequent lectures presented on handling, examination, and structure of paintings. Lectures given to docents, interns and fellows on conservation issues and in-gallery talks on conservation. Organizes and presents conservation guidelines at courier workshops and weekend duty workshops. Arranged several exhibition related study days and assisted with organization of CASVA conservation colloquies.
Recent research has focused on the fading of lake colors in the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, research on the history of painting conservation in the nineteenth century, research on painting equipment used by French landscape painters working outdoors and continuing research on Picasso, his working techniques and the integration of changes into his paintings. Continuing research on the technique of plein air oil sketches and the materials used. Ongoing project involving the creation of a data base, the cataloging and scanning of 19th century artists’ catalogues from libraries and private collections worldwide. Research on the preparation on 19th century canvasses and ground preparations and the study of existing 19th century sample books of same. Preparing a collaborative essay on “Issues of Finish in the Paintings of Edgar Degas”. Research is ongoing on the materials and techniques of Impressionist painters which is, in part, related to current activity organizing and preparing the technical entries on Van Gogh and Gauguin for the NGA’s late nineteenth century Systematic Catalogue.

Invited to examine the oil sketch collections at the Morgan Library, New York and the Fondation Custodia, Paris. Currently on the editorial board of Facture, the conservation department publication, and recently served as a beta tester for the new online Cezanne Catalogue Raisonée, Arranged the acquisition of Cassatt Pastel boxes, 19th century umbrella for plein air painting and facilitated the 20 year project to acquire the Feller Collection of books on conservation, color science and varnishes. Have written book reviews, provided tours to CASVA Board of Advisors, Trustees, Trustees’ Council, Circle, Teacher’s Institute, etc. Miscellaneous activities have included a survey of the collection of panel paintings at Dumbarton Oaks, reviewer of conservation grants for the Getty Foundation and the IMLS, member of the selection panel for National Gallery of Art interns. Interviewed extensively for radio, television, print journalism, and films. Did several twitter feeds and tweet ups for NGA exhibitions and installations. Recorded podcasts related to exhibitions and the permanent collection at the National Gallery. Drew up conservation guidelines for systematic catalog of impressionist paintings. Organizes and keeps current Paintings Conservation library, supervises conservation department interns and volunteers and has served as mentor for the scientific research department fellows.

March 2016