Cezanne, décor, modern design, modern architecture

Takanori Nagaï

Cet article est paru en japonais dans le Bulletin of Kyoto Institute of Technology (mars 2024).


This article will show that, Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) shared certain themes with the craftsmen, designers, and architects, during the birth of modern design. In Cezanne’s lifetime, the concept of “design” had not yet acquired a foothold in France. Rather, concepts like “décor” and “décoratif” were the important themes for the artists and craftsmen to deal with. Cezanne primarily attracted the attentions of his posterity, from the perspective of “décoratif.” Subsequently, his paintings were evaluated from the viewpoint of “design.” Although some researchers have already indicated that Cezannes’ geometrical shapes became an origin of “modern design,” this article will present further homogeneities between Cezanne and “modern design”.

Takanori NAGAÏ,Cezanne, décor, modern design, modern architecture, BULLETIN OF KYOTO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 16 (Mar. 2024)